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OCTA: Rideshare Week

OCTA: Rideshare Week

Orange County Transportation Authority

Art Direction / Design

The goal of this year’s design was to go in a different direction from past Transit Week campaigns. By using clean lines and minimal color, the 2018 Transit Week campaign has a sophisticated vibe that still stands out.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there are more than 16.7 million commuters in California, but only 10 percent of them choose to share their ride. The high number of people commuting alone creates more traffic, leading to more air pollution and more commuter time wasted on the road.



Alternative commuting solutions are a simple answer to all these problems, yet many people are not aware of all their options when it comes to ridesharing. That’s why the Orange County Transit Authority annually organizes Rideshare Week – an event that helps generate public awareness surrounding the benefits of alternative commuting solutions such as carpooling, vanpooling, biking, or riding the bus or Metrolink.


The 2018 Rideshare Week theme was “It’s Your Life, Enjoy the Ride.” OCTA reached out to the WTC team to commission a series of eye-catching digital and print marketing pieces, including a landing page, email templates, retractable banners, postcards, posters and ads. The playful campaign includes line art illustrations of animals such as rabbits, bears, sloths and owls doing anthropomorphic things while engaging in ridesharing activities such as carpooling, alongside punny taglines such as “Don’t drive owl by yourself.”



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