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Narcos: Style Guide

Narcos: Style Guide

Netflix continues to kill it with their original content. Narcos is their addictive series that takes a dramatic look at the infamous Columbian drug cartels of the 1970s. To promote the third season, Jovenville worked with production company Gaumont and licensing agency Evolution to develop design elements for packaging and merchandise. 


What Went into It (Our Thinking)
We were given a scope of work that included creating concepts based on the show's themes, so we broke it down around espionage and editorial.

After we arrived at our themes, we turned Narcos into a lifestyle brand. We created designs that honored the themes of the show, but had the same kind of contemporary, urban style that you see in top streetwear labels.


What Came Out of It (Our Work)
We created a comprehensive set of art and graphics that licensees could create Narcos packaging and merchandise, such as shirts, jackets, watches, flasks, and shot glasses.

To ensure all licensees remain true both to the spirit and letter of the brand, we also developed an accompanying style guide that dictates how to apply the artwork on products.

Working with Jovenville on the new Narcos style guide was a wonderful experience. Their creativity and design skills were 100 percent on-trend, and they were able to perfectly translate our vision for the brand into incredibly fresh and retail-ready designs...
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